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The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind  is Here!
Putting you into a world of energy and excitement

Eric D. Sharp's The Power of Your Mind is a collection of rhythmic and driving pieces that will send energy into your day.                                                                

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Track List Includes:

1.   On Guard (5:21)
2.   Yee Haw (5:34)
3.   Catch the Groove (5:14)
4.   Pushing the Envelope (6:22)
5.   Just Thinking (4:58)
6.   The Music of the Modern Age (3:02)
7.   Transformation (8:10)
8.   Moving On (5:09)
9.   A New Beginning (4:12)
10. A New Adventure (3:55)
11. The Power of Your Mind (3:42)