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The Fear Inside

Take a step into the darkest deeps of your mind with The Fear Inside. Each track will take you deeper into the terror that lies within your thoughts. A great CD for any Halloween attraction, haunt activity or event, a spooky night or while reading a horror novel the dark. Take a listen to the darkness within your mind. Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Listen to the the whole CD in the dark, alone...if you dare.

The track listing is as follows:
1. Ballad of a Madman
2. Stark Realizations
3. The Doll Speaks
4. Mind Crawlers
5. The Generator
6. The Gray Ones: Three Sisters, One Eye
7. The Rising Wraith's Procession
8. What Little Nightmare's Bring
9. Midnight Rider
10. Song of the Walking Dead
11. Torn From the Ashes
12. The Fear Inside

Purchase your copy at: (where you can hear some cool samples).


Dark Halls

Dark halls

Sceptre is the dark alter-ego of A.C. Sharp who reaches into the dark, mysterious reaches of the human psyche. Sceptre was created when A.C. was working in his studio to create various forms of music. Finally, he reached inside and found the dark soundscapes which explore haunting and frightening images. With Blue Hush Dark, the darker side of Blue Hush Productions, Sceptre utilized various processors and instruments to create the moods filled within Dark Halls. He has created music for theatre productions as well as produced various other works with a much lighter tone, but Dark Halls is the exploration of the darker reaches of ourselves which we find while watching horror movies or during Halloween.
Purchase your copy at: (where you can hear some cool samples).